Jack White donates $30,000 to make 'Outsiders' house a museum

Sept. 22 (UPI) -- Singer-songwriter Jack White has donated $30,000 to help transform the Oklahoma house from the 1983 movie The Outsiders into a museum. Tulsa World reported the gift allowed fundraisers to meet their $75,000 goal.

"Jack White closed the thing and got it done," fundraiser Danny O'Connor told the newspaper Thursday. "I have a feeling there's a brass plaque in order in the cement at that house pretty soon. What a guy. I couldn't think of a better person to come wrap this bow up, tie the loose ends up."

The vibe at The Outsiders house today was like... pic.twitter.com/w7W7aUE6qV
— The Outsiders House (@OutsidersHouse) September 20, 2018

O'Connor also tweeted : "If there's a higher caliber of human being who just happens to be a rock god I haven't met em'. Thank you, Jack White. You are a prince among men. Stay Gold."
The house served as the Curtis brothers' home in the 1983 screen adaptation of S.E. Hinton's classic young-adult novel. The film starred C. Thomas Howell , Ralph Macchio , Patrick Swayze , Rob Lowe , Tom Cruise , Diane Lane and Emilio Estevez .
"Stay gold, Jack White!" Lowe tweeted .

The Outsiders House 1983-2018 Ponyboy and Jack White. Stay Gold. @JackWhiteLive @OutsidersHouse pic.twitter.com/u07NhKtffi
— The Outsiders House (@OutsidersHouse) September 18, 2018