1Password no longer automatically submits passwords on Macs

Updates to 1Password mean that while you can run the application in dark mode to match your MacOS Mojave's nighttime setting the password manager will no longer automatically submit previously filled passwords. In 1Password 7.2, you will have to press the enter key to submit your passwords in Safari, which is an improvement to the tool's security.
1Password explained its decision to nix the autosubmit function, citing user experience and safety reasons, such as malicious websites attempting capture your critical information in a false password field.

Mojave's functionality also came into play in the decision. Apple team lead Michael Fey wrote on the 1Password blog, "The mechanism by which 1Password was performing autosubmit is no longer supported in macOS Mojave. As yet another step towards a more secure environment, apps that can virtually type the 'Return' key on the keyboard have been significantly restricted."

In addition to the changes in user experience, Password1 announced that it is now notarized by Apple, meaning that Apple has endorsed Password1 as free of any malware.

Users who have purchased 1Password 7 or who are subscribers can update to 1Password 7.2 for free.

Source: 1Password