Nike teases self-lacing shoes you can control from your phone

Ahead of the launch of its first self-lacing basketball shoes this week, Nike just posted a major tease to get people hyped. And while we can't see what the sneakers actually look like, it does appear you'll be able to adjust its power laces using your smartphone, based on a video featuring different NBA athletes trying them out. That would be a notable change compared to the HyperAdapt 1.0 that came out in 2016, which had no wireless connectivity features -- there are power buttons on it that let you lace them up. Another big difference is that the upcoming self-lacing model is only expected to cost $350, much less than the $720 of the original HyperAdapts.

We'll know all about "the future of the game" of basketball tomorrow at 9AM ET, so stay tuned to our site for more coverage from Nike's event.

The game will never be the same.

Tune in tomorrow at 8AM EST. @nikebasketball
— Nike (@Nike) January 14, 2019

Source: Nike